Spring Carousel

by Windy Hill Mill

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released January 10, 2010

Asako Fujimoto, Adrian McBride, Robert Madler, Junko Henmi



all rights reserved


Windy Hill Mill Paris, France

Within the electro-acoustic form, their music is rich in texture and (sometimes dark) harmonic soundscapes. Sonic rhythmic juxtapositions, icy sub bass synth and delayed guitar lines set the stage for sultry girl/boy vocals, ornamented by hand percussion, shakers, glocks and flute recorders, it’s a sound that grows out of a synthetic backdrop yet is delivered in a very organic, emotional way. ... more

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Track Name: Black Crow
black crow cries, just learned a way to cry
pouring all the muscle of their bodies to thunder out

circling around above your head, crawling around your feet
shrill cry with their highest tones

"I'm your black crow, you're my companion
I'm your black crow, you're my lover"
Track Name: Dreaming Octpus
I am going to marry in a june with my octopus
if i don't find you by then
I'm a dreaming fish swimming in your sea

i just need to celebrate
it's gonna be so nice
it's gonna be our holiday
it's gonna be so nice
Track Name: Misty Dark
pearling thought the dark
white purple water shade
softly covering with no touch

breathe you in glittering fog
swim though the purple
blooming morning door of misty dark
Track Name: Lightning Bug
i saw you in my window
no i wasn't surprise ( /scared)
you stand there all the time
with the lighting bug flashing behind your head
Track Name: New Africa
lions and then pandas, elephants and then kangaroos
running around under, pine trees

maybe me and you could be living in new africa
we wouldn't do anything particular
Track Name: Hit&Run
grey sky over my blanket
I'm your teddy bear hanging off your bed
was it a hit and run?
don't even know who was it

you are the one asked me
but when it matter you were gone

too many questions to ask
Track Name: Four Woods
riding on a cloud away from my thinking
in chilling sunset, blow off my foot steps
with purest wind and sunshine
somewhere between wonderland and my room

looking down the cloud away from my time
sitting in a airplane, taking me to my dream
by futuristic human hand
Track Name: Sesame Chime
hearing the wind passing away thought the northern wind
going out to our field once more
slide over hill, slide over the hill

let the fall surround us
we wade it though stirring off
turn off light

we are slowly going under
tucking ourself real cozy
glowing the dark like a neon fire flies
and everyone is join us
turning bronze sunset
rolling coper hay ball
dazing light
going home